Sassy Giraffe brings ‘Dōng Fāng Měi Xué’ to your home. We bring dinnerware with ‘Dōng Fāng’ concepts, ‘Dōng Fāng’ elements, and ‘Dōng Fāng’ inspirations to your daily.



What makes Sassy Giraffe so unique?

Dinnerware is an expression.

From ‘Shuǐ Mò’, ‘Tài Jí’, to Twenty-four Solar Terms and more, we present the world of "Dōng Fāng Měi Xué" with exceptional ceramics to your everyday lifestyle.




Our Goal- Not just one time product. It's part of your daily

We want you to enjoy every moment while interacting with Sassy Giraffe on all occasions in your daily life. At Sassy Giraffe, each plate/piece holds a story that inspires you to create your own memories. Never be jaded when it comes to Sassy Giraffe. Each piece unfolds a story that will fit your occasion.


Path to a versatile lifestyle

Sassy Giraffe will showcase your taste, to emphasize your occasion, and to add colors and textures to your memory. Start to enjoy the elegance of “Dōng Fāng Měi Xué” and continue our story together...